Urea+™ is specifically targeted to improve profits on low fertility soils. Application in concert with sustainable farming practices such as incorporation, split application and irrigation management will produce the best results. Suitable for pre-sowing, top/ side dressing and water running by all means typical of granular and soluble fertilizers.

Urea+™ is an organically-enhanced fertilizer – the only fertilizer that nurtures BOTH the plant and the soil. It enhances major and minor nutrients to the plant AND simultaneously stimulates the soil’s natural organic processes to improve its vitality. Moreover, Urea+™ not only increases crop tolerance, but also heals and improves the resistance of the soil. And thus, with Urea+™, the soil becomes alive!

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Revolutions in nitrogen management are few and far between, urease inhibitors, nitrification inhibitors and impervious coatings have been utilized with some success but remain economically elusive for many farmers. Urea+™ has been developed with the help of farmers to employ a combination of chemical, biological and physical approaches to obtain greater value for the money by improving nitrogen utilization efficiency. This desirable effect further provides “downstream” value to growers and the wider community by reducing the environmental impacts of plant nutrition.

Field demonstrations have shown increased flexibility for growers by either:

  • Increasing production – match existing nitrogen application rates to increase production by 10-50%, ensure all other nutrients and water are increased to meet new production demands. Particularly suited to high rainfall areas or irrigated production systems.
  • Reducing farm inputs – reduce usual application rates by 15-35% to obtain normal results. Particularly suited to dry land production systems.
  • A combination of both strategies.

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Total Nitrogen (N)

Granulometry ~ Prilled

1.00mm – 3.00mm, 90% min (Typical Analysis: 98%).

Granulometry ~ Granular (Regular)

2.00mm – 4.00mm, 90% min.

Granulometry ~ Granular (Extra Large)

4.00mm – 8.00mm, 90% min.



Free Ammonia

Melting Point




PH Level

Anti Caking



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