The benefits are obvious.

Through the use of GreenLife Power®, plant nutrition is optimized: minimizing fertilizers usage, increasing yield/ quality, minimizing production/ labor costs, and above all, our advanced fertilizers are 100% bio-degradable, leaving no harming residues into the environment.

  • Less Fertilizer Use kg/acre

    When applied, Green Power® uses 20% to 50% less fertilizer for any given cultivated area. It limits expensive nitrogen losses, assisting your use of nutrients more efficiently. Nitrogen loss through leaching and denitrification can account for anywhere from 20 – 60% of applied nitrogen fertilizer depending on soil type and seasonal conditions.

    • By minimizing nitrogen losses, Greenlife Power™ can provide a more sustained nutrient supply to the crop in line with crop needs, resulting in yield and quality improvements.
    • Helps protect against nitrogen losses for improved crop uptake and potentially higher yields.
    • Gives crops access to ammonium nitrogen for better growth and greater phosphorus, copper and zinc uptake.
    • Reduces nitrate flushes for more consistent, quality produce.
    • Gives crops a more continuous supply of nitrogen with fewer applications for better workload efficiency for farming.
  • Healthier Plants and Increased Yields/ Better Quality

    Greenlife Power™ ensures optimal utilization of macro and mirco nutrients for better growth and sustainable higher productivity of agricultural and plantation crops. It uses active ingredients in the purest form not only to provide the plants with physiological stimuli to overcome environmental stresses, but also to activate relevant enzymes to produce more of the harvestable yields per area.

    • Does not contain hormones; improves cell division and growth and assists in the formation of improved DNA plant metabolism.
    • Is easily translocated within the plants.
    • Because of its organic structure, it is readily absorbed by roots and easily assimilated within the plant system.
    • Can be easily combined with foliar spraying or any other micro-nutrient without forming any insoluble precipitate.
    • Has a strong growth promoting effect and not only does not scorch the leaves but also helps in better utilization of other nutrients.
    • Compatible with other agrochemicals.
    • Is environmentally-friendly, safe to human beings and plants.
  • Less Labor, Saved Costs
    Greenlife Power® needs to be applied only once and applied in fewer quantities as opposed to conventional fertilizers. This has the potential for reduced costs from reduced frequency of labor applications and usage savings.

  • 100% Organic and Environmentally-Friendly

    Our advanced fertilizers are environmentally-friendly and free of any detrimental chemicals. They are 100% bio-degradable, thereby leaving no harmful residues to the environment.

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