How does the GreenLife Power® technology work?

Whether soil-grown or hydroponics, our advanced fertilizers create the optimal nutrient base for your crops. 

  • Increases the Biological Activity of the Soil

    GreenLife Power® organic origins promote and enhance soil health and vitality, thus making the soil “alive”! It is so integrated that it effectively interacts to provide and enrich the nutrient base of the soil in the most efficient and effective manner. Apart from replenishing the soil and providing the crop with nitrogen, GreenLife Power® also enriches the soil with essential micro-nutrients that include calcium, zinc, boron, magnesium, and molybdenum among others. Moreover, it also stimulates and increases the organic matter content of the soil along with the major and minor nutrients. This helps both the plant and the environment.

    Conventional Fertilizer

    Conventional Organic Activity

    Misuse of conventional fertilizers and petroleum derived pesticides locks away nutrients from the roots or allows them to leach away – making them unusable or unavailable. Greater amounts of fertilizers are then added to compensate, costing the farmer more and worse, increasing the amount of chemicals finding their way into ground water and waterways.
    GreenLife Power®

    Increased Organic Activity

    Increased organic activity. The Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC) of Greenlife Power® increases the microbial activity of the soil and changes the POLARITY of the soil to attract more nutrients. The soil is therefore able to hold more nutrients at the roots and then helps them transport the added nutrients through the plant’s nutrient system. This results in less fertilizer use and less runoff. 
    Increase CEC by >50% Over Time 


    • Stimulates the activity and formation of humus and therefore increases the cation-exchange capacity (CEC) of the soil.
    • Organic materials in the soil increase the CEC through an increase in available negative charges.
    • Improves and regulates natural pH balance of the soil by increasing natural organic activity.
    • Stimulates the proliferation of microbes (fungi, bacteria, actinomycetes and algae), earthworms and other beneficial creatures that live in the soil.
    • Microbes secrete organic acids that release nutrients from the soil particles by etching their surfaces, and they also secrete polysaccharides that glue soil particles into stable aggregates. The end result of prolific microbial activity is improved soil structure and aeration.
    • Assists in improving the soil by accelerating microbial activity within the soil and its ability to generate oxygen.
    • Encourages the microbial activities in the soil, thereby increasing the organic matter decomposition, leading to improved soil productivity.
    • An increase in organic content allows for a favorable environment of enzyme activity and long-term sustainable vitality of soil.
  • Improves Roots Structure for Nutrient Uptake
    The Greenlife Power® molecule is able to more efficiently supply nutrients and is unique because it allows the plant’s porous root membrane to absorb carbon and nitrogen that is already prevalent in the existing soil. Roots therefore grow longer, wider, and more prevalent. This allows for greater natural macro and micro nutrients to become available for plant uptake.

    Conventional Fertilizer

    Conventional Root Structure

    Conventional fertilizer relies heavily on interception (e.g. probability) for plant roots to absorb and exchange hydrogen molecules for macro and micro nutrients.
    GreenLife Power®

    Improved Root Structure

    Bigger roots produce larger and healthier harvests. Greenlife Power increases interception (e.g. probability) as increased organic matter and more prevalence of roots allows for greater absorption of nutrients. Root surface area can be nearly 50% greater and as the CEC of the soil increases, so does the amount of macro and micro nutrients for plant uptake.
    Increased Root Area

    The effects of which include:

    • Greater root growth and diameter, therefore increasing the surface area for root interception, mass-flow, and diffusion.
    • Release of nitrogen in a manner easily absorbed by plants due to its molecular composition.
    • Organic nitrogen form stays in the soil and is not lost as it has strong adsorption to low molecular weight elements.
    • Improving synergy with other chemical fertilizers such as P and K.
  • Increases Plant Resistance to Disease
    GreenLife Power® improves crop resistance by delivering disease resistant elements such as high-energy chelated calcium and zinc. These micro-nutrients once absorbed by crops, metabolize quickly into plant energy, improving its enzyme activity, and further enhance the crop’s resilience to disease.

    Conventional Fertilizer

    Conventional Fertilizer Health

    Conventional fertilizers require enzyme activity to turn Nitrogen to proteins to be used for plant growth. There is NO enzyme facilitators or accelerators and therefore only a small percentage of nutrients are turned into a usable form by the plant OR it takes a longer period of time to do so. Both detrimental to optimal plant disease resistance because parasites/ disease generally only feed on INCOMPLETE proteins.
    GreenLife Power®

    GreenLife Power Healthier Plants

    Greenlife Power has built in enzymes facilitators. This allows for quick processing of nutrients into COMPLETE enzymes. Disease/ parasites have a hard time attacking complete proteins, therefore giving it a natural protection and resistance to disease.

    This technology offers tremendous benefits for improving the quality of the land, yield, and disease resilience, specifically:

    • Builds and promotes immune function to diseases.
    • It is the source for Tryptophan, which in turn, produce the endogenous plant hormone Alpha Naphthalene Acetic Acid (ANA) which enhances growth and crop health.
    • Enhances photosynthetic activity through its influence on chlorophyll synthesis.
    • Improves oxidation reactions in plant cells.
    • Growth promoting hormones, particularly Auxins.
    • Improves cell division and growth and assists in the formation of resilient DNA.
    • Improves plant metabolism.
    • Treated crops generally remain green and become resistant to disease attack.
  • Built-in Slow-Release Mechanism & Organic Controlled Stabilization
    GreenLife Power® is created when smaller inorganic urea atoms are polymerized molecularly into a larger organic core, containing organic-originated matter, amino acids, enzymes, hormones, and chelating calcium. The net effect is natural stabilizing Nitrogen that is available for the crop at key growth stages without the residual effects of a straight chemical application. As GreenLife Power® carries a positive charge; it binds to the negatively charged soil particles and does not readily move with water.

    Conventional Fertilizer

    Poorly Matched Nitrogen Supply

    Everyone in the industry has seen this graph. The poorly matched supply and demand of nutrients during a plant's life cycle. There are chemical controlled, slow release fertilizers, but they can be costly and need to be custom-tailored to each plot of land.
    GreenLife Power®

    GreenLife Power Optimal Nitrogen Intake

    Greenlife Power has an ALL NATURAL solution for slow release which is not chemical and is custom-tailored by Mother Nature in releasing nutrients. As the CEC count in the soil is very high, the plant will DRAW on on an "as needed basis" the nutrients it needs without waiting for the chemical decomposition of the casing of normal slow release fertilizers. It is cost advantageous and does not require further costly investment in agronomy science unavailable to most farmers around the world.

    The Benefits:

    • Stabilizes the applied ammonium nitrogen in the soil for a number of months after application. In the ammonium form, nitrogen is less susceptible to losses due to leaching, or gaseous losses into the atmosphere through denitrification under wet conditions.
    • Greenlife Power® work like a sleeping pill on the nitrifying bacteria in the soil. Nitrification is the process whereby nitrifying bacteria in the soil breakdown nitrogen fertilizer from ammonium nitrogen to nitrite then nitrate nitrogen. Nitrate nitrogen is susceptible to loss through leaching and denitrification.
    • Unlike slow release coated fertilizers, the nutrients are available to the plant, however the nitrogen is held in the more stable ammonium form for a period of time to assist in reducing nitrogen losses.
    • Green Power® does not reduce bacteria populations in the soil or leave harmful residues in the soil or harvested crops.

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