GreenLife Agriculture Group is proud to introduce a revolution in fertilizer technology with its GreenLife Power® Additive (treatment) for Macro (N) and NPK compound fertilizers. GreenLife Power® embodies a holistic approach in leveraging Mother Nature’s physical environment and the power of modern plant nutrition.

Our technology is simple yet powerful as it:
  • Increases the Microbial Activity of the Soil
  • Improves Roots Structure for Nutrient Uptake
  • Increases Plant Resistance to Disease
  • Has a Built-in Slow-release Mechanism to Supply Nutrients to the Crop in line with the Crop’s Needs
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The benefits of this technology are obvious to our fellow members of the agricultural fraternity, but namely:

So this simply means better economics for the farmer and a SUSTAINABLE LONG TERM SOLUTION for the agricultural industry.

Don’t take our word for it, currently GreenLife Power® is the top selling technical fertilizer in China with over a million tons sold and has had empirical results in the field and in the laboratory. Majority of our research and results are done in the field, in the commercial aspects of farming.

Our Goal is Your Success ~ Getting the Best Possible Economic Return for You, The Farmers!